Reusable Smart Notebook
Elfinbook notebook
Elfinbook 2.0 Reusable Smart Notebook
reusable notebook
Elfinbook 2.0 Reusable Smart Notebook
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Elfinbook 2.0 Reusable Smart Notebook

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Elfinbook Notebook

The Elfinbook 2.0 is a Smart Notebook, each page of which is reusable for up to 500 times. The notebook comes with an access to a free Android and iOS App, which you can use to scan your notes and save them onto cloud services, such as Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive.

Paper: Acid-free fine-grained
Cover:  Hard, untearable plastic
Pages:  30 double-sided sheets - half lined and half blank
Pen: Pilot FriXion Gel Pen
How it works?
  1. Simply write / draw on the reusable pages of the Notebook with a FriXion pen.
  2. Scan the pages with an App and save on your preferred cloud service.
  3. Erase your notes with a damp cloth / wet tissues or use heat such as microwave or hairdryer. 
  4. Re-write on clean pages as soon as they are dry.

The Elfinbook Notebook is ideal for:

  • Keeping everyday notes
  • Working on ongoing projects
  • Developing creative ideas
  • Note taking on business meetings
  • Sketchbook
  • Lecture and training notes
*Note that the Notebook will arrive with an upgraded version of an erasable Pilot FriXion pen (different from the photo).