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FriXion Erasable Pen for Elfinbook - 3 Colour Pack

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FriXion Erasable Pen is recommended to use with Elfinbook 2.0 and Elfinbook X. As the N1 erasable pen on the market, it also works perfectly with standard paper allowing to: 

  • Easily write on reusable papers of Elfinbook Notebooks
  • Erase the ink with a damp cloth, wet tissues or eraser
  • Easily write on standard paper and erase the ink with no damage to the paper
  • Instantly re-write over the erased area

How FriXion Erasable Pen works?

The erasable Frixion Ball pen contains thermo sensitive gel ink. The heat generated by friction when rubbing the paper turns the ink invisible. 

The Pack includes 3 Pilot FriXion Gel Pens in Black, Blue and Red.